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The Foundation

Give Kids a Chance Foundation is a registered Canadian charity (Charitable # 828476143RR0001) organized, created and managed entirely by volunteers. We ensure, by personal involvement, that every dollar received is spent directly and only on the children we support. There are no administrative costs.

The directors of Give Kids a Chance Foundation spend a minimum of 3 months every year on the ground, supervising our projects.

Our projects are non-political and not associated with any religion.

Juan Pablo, the founder of Los Patojos was named as one of the top 10 CNN heroes of the world in 2014. We are very proud of the achievement and the fact that the CNN team selected him from 1000’s of those that were nominated. You can see the videos they have made about the project by following the link for Children & Youth Centre Guatemala, below.

Our Mandate

Our primary commitment is to enable children and youth to become educated, as we firmly believe that the only way to break the cycle of poverty is through education. Children are doomed to abject poverty unless they have a basic level of education. To achieve our goal, Give Kids A Chance has built a school/community arts centre along with a free medical clinic in Jocotenango, Guatemala. The building serves the 400 children that now attend the school as well as the youth workers and adults in the community who cannot afford medical care.

Los Patojos School, Guatemala

In Guatemala, where 45% of children under 5 suffer from malnutrition and only 40% finish Grade 6, coupled with one of the highest crime rates in Central America and non-functioning medical and education systems, our students face many challenges. There is no social safety net. Living in Jocotenango, where violence, alcoholism, drug addiction and endemic poverty are too prevalent, the lives of these kids are severely impacted. In 2015 Give Kids A Chance along with a partner donor in the U.S.A., Just World International, funded the building of a new school for Los Patojos. The design of the building facilitates the philosophy of education at Los Patojos.

During the last 12 years Los Patojos has developed a unique holistic approach to educating more than 400 children and youth each year. The program addresses each child’s nutritional, medical and educational needs, along with introducing dance, photography, theatre, music, sports and fine arts, allowing them to find their passion. The school is a community, restoring their dignity, giving them the self-confidence to pursue their goals and achieve success in their lives.

Los Patojos Medical and Nutritional Program:

Health and nutrition are an essential part of the program of Los Patojos. The primary students receive breakfast, a snack and a healthy lunch each day to ensure that they are receiving sufficient nutrition to study. The students in Grades 6-9 who study in the afternoon and evening receive dinner each day. Each child’s health is monitored by the doctor in the medical clinic and additional food or supplements are given to those that require them.

The medical clinic is also available to those in the community that otherwise cannot afford medical attention.

The doctor gives seminars to the students and parents in order to educate and prevent unnecessary illnesses. These seminars include basic sanitation, nutritional education as well as sexual education.

The Future - San Miguel Duenas

Los Patojos has been given the use of a large tract of land in a community close to Jocotenango. The founder of Los Patojos, Juan Pablo, is creating a program where the youth can learn practical skills that they can then use to be self-sufficient. They are learning agricultural and construction skills. They are renovating the new building where Los Patojos will have sporting events, an arts centre which will offer fine arts, music, theatre and dance.

There will also be a restaurant where their produce will be used to generate income to help sustain the project.

This is a new and exciting adventure that will give opportunities to many young Guatemalans.

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